More and more international companies rely on the digital solution ePAYSLIP®.

More and more international companies are recognizing the benefits of the digital and cost-efficient solution from ePAYSLIP®, which can be used to distribute payroll and HR documents to employees even faster.

And so the new fiscal year 2021 is also off to a promising start for the further growth of the ePAYSLIP® cloud service. Tec Media Services GmbH can count further well-known companies from Germany and abroad among its customers and thus seamlessly continue the successful previous year. Two of the new customers deserve special mention:

A multinational corporation from Asia in the automotive supply industry and an Austrian-based IT company for simple and innovative software solutions.

All of our new international customers are united by the desire and insight that web-based cloud solutions such as ePAYSLIP® will decisively shape their HR strategies and processes for years to come.

The ePAYSLIP® cloud service, which can be easily and quickly integrated into any payroll software, is simple and runs completely “silently”, and will become a “game-changer” for these companies in future HR work.

In the words of an enthusiastic payroll professional at a web demo, “This is a brilliant system – just fantastic.”


High user growth: ePAYSLIP® digital solution breaks the 100,000 mark


After the cloud service ePAYSLIP® was able to more than double the number of users last year, the company of Tec Media Services and ZOLL & COMPANY can now record another milestone after just six months in the current business year: More than 100,000 users now rely on the digital payroll documents of ePAYSLIP®.

Thus the company continues its success story and convinces more and more companies of the web-based digital solution. The fact that ePAYSLIP® already broke the 100,000 mark after the first half of the new business year shows that companies of all sizes have recognized the benefits and advantages of the digital and cost-efficient solution for distributing their payroll and HR documents.

Within six years, the company of Tec Media Services and ZOLL & COMPANY has succeeded in establishing itself successfully in a highly competitive European market with its intelligent and cost-efficient digitalization solution with simple connection to any payroll program. “We are very proud of this development”, say the managing directors Jürgen Schröder and Oliver Zoll. “We would like to express our special thanks to the innovative customers who have left the previous process in their companies behind and have given us their trust in the cloud service – and continue to do so every day”.

In order to ensure the high level of customer satisfaction and the security of the ePAYSLIP® cloud service for the future, Tec Media Services and ZOLL & COMPANY are already developing the next evolutionary stage of the cloud service.

You can be excited and look forward to the future with us. The success story of ePAYSLIP® will thus be continued.


ePAYSLIP® Case Study: Dänisches Bettenlager – 12.000 Payslips for half the price

Dänisches Bettenlager - Ein Unternehmen der JYSK-Gruppe


The company DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER has digitized the payroll of 12 000 employees in five European countries with ePAYSLIP®. The costs per payslip have been cut in half.

We are very happy and proud to be able to tell this joint success story with the company from Flensburg. It is an impressive proof of the benefits and the flexible application possibilities of our ePAYSLIP Cloud Service.

Find out more: Case Study Dänisches Bettenlager

Huge growth for ePAYSLIP in FY 2019: number of users more than doubled

The 2019 financial year will be the fastest growing one so far in the success story of the ePAYSLIP® cloud service from Tec Media Services and ZOLL & COMPANY.

Within the last 12 months, the number of registered users in ePAYSLIP® has more than doubled from 40,000 to over 80,000.

Not only the number of added users is impressive.

The range of industries from which customers come is also growing. In the future, the ePAYSLIP service solution will also be used in the industrial sectors of construction, logistics and healthcare.

But the highly successful rollout of ePAYSLIP® also shows that more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of a web-based digital solution for distributing payroll and HR documents.

In addition to the convincing cost and benefit arguments, reducing the company’s carbon footprint plays an increasingly important role in customers choice to use ePAYSLIP®.

The massive savings of paper and the associated conservation of natural resources makes it possible to not only saving money but also CO² emissions at the same time.

Therefore, the number of ePAYSLIP® users in the coming financial year 2020 is expected to exceed the 100,000 benchmark.

In order to ensure the high level of customer satisfaction and the security of the ePAYSLIP® cloud service for the future, Tec Media Services, which has already been established on the market for 10 years as the operator of ePAYSLIP®, has just been successfully awarded ISO9001 certification for another three years.

Simplification of the offer structure with ePAYSLIP®

We work continuously for our customers on the further development of the proven ePAYSLIP services.
In this context, we also thought about optimizing the pricing structure and the service content of our services.
ePAYSLIP is unlike other, cloud-based document management services in the marketplace:
easier, more effective, cheaper, faster and more reliable.
In order for these features to be better reflected in the future ePAYSLIP® offer structure, we have considered the following simplifications:
From now on all documents around the topic “digital personal file” are an integral part of the ePAYSLIP service and are no longer offered as a separate additional package. The same applies to the areas “documents from time management systems” or “general employee information” as well as all other document types.
Our proven ePAYSLIP basic packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) now contain three types of documents. As a rule, these are the salary statement, the social security certificate and the employment tax statement.
In the future, customers will be able to easily book any additional document type they require for just € 0.05 / month – regardless of which department. There are no predefined packages anymore. You only use and pay for what you actually need. Simple, transparent and cost-effective.
There are also attractive package prices for using multiple additional document types (e.g., 5 or 10).
We believe we can add value to our customers and further optimize the cost and benefits of our offering.
Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

ePAYSLIP® successfully enters the healthcare market

The health industry is a growth driver for economic development in Germany. The key economic indicators of this economic sector show above-average growth rates compared to the overall economy. Thus, the healthcare industry is a growth market and a job engine.

The German health industry generated more than 12 percent of gross domestic product in 2018. This corresponds to about every eighth of the German gross domestic product. At the same time, she is an employer for around 7.6 million people in Germany.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome one of the largest Christian bearers and operators of social facilities and hospitals in Germany as a new customer of ePAYSLIP®. In the future, around 14,000 employees from hospitals, nursing homes, child and youth welfare institutions, hospices and educational institutions will receive their salary documents via the ePAYSLIP portal.

Thus, the ePAYSLIP® cloud service is now also successfully established in the market of the healthcare industry and contributes significantly to the digitization of processes in this market.

ePAYSLIP is growing rapidly and is now available in many European countries

Die Marktentwicklung im Bereich der Digitalisierung von HR-Prozessen nimmt deutlich an Fahrt auf.
Dies ist eine klare Erkenntnis unserer  Messeteilnahme auf der diesjährigen „Zukunft Personal Süd“ in Stuttgart. „Insbesondere die Nachfrage nach einfachen und smarten Digitalisierungslösungen, die mit geringem Aufwand verbunden und schnell einzuführen sind, war auf der Messe enorm“, so die Geschäftsführer Jürgen Schröder und Oliver Zoll
Firmenvertreter, die auf der Messe insgesamt mehr als 60.000 Mitarbeiter repräsentieren, informierten sich an unserem Stand über die Vorteile der Verteilung ihrer Lohn- und HR-Dokumente über das digitale Cloud-Portal ePAYSLIP®.


Bereits in den ersten Monaten des Jahres konnten wir einige namhafte Neukunden für ePAYSLIP® gewinnen .
Im Zuge der Einführung des Portals bei einem dieser Kunden wird der ePAYSLIP-Service auf weitere sechs Länder mit der entsprechenden sprachlichen Nationalisierung ausgeweitet.
Damit ist der smarte Cloud-Service endgültig in Europa angekommen und wird künftig neben Deutschland, England und Polen auch für die Länder Frankreich, Italien, Spanien, Portugal, Schweiz und Österreich zur Verfügung stehen.

Das rasante Wachstum von ePAYSLIP schlägt sich auch nachhaltig in den Unternehmenszahlen nieder: So konnte der Umsatz  allein in den ersten vier Monaten des Jahres durch den Abschluss neuer Kundenverträge um 50 % gesteigert werden.

Digitization hits dinosaurs – Get your payslip on your smartphone

According to a BitKom study from 2018, eight out of ten people in Germany use a smartphone at least every now and then. More specifically, these are impressive 81 percent of the population, or in absolute figures: 57 million smartphone users.

That does not come as a surprise. If you look around the streets, in inner cities, train stations, airports, schoolyards and bus stops in our country, you can see people everywhere who are either looking at their smartphones or have earphones in their ear, which of course are connected to the smartphone.

Many functions and services have made it to the number one device of digital transformation – from taxi booking to food ordering and navigation. We even leave the monitoring of our vital functions to our faithful companion in day and night.

And which smartphone services are available for the HR departments in Germany?

To bring it to the point: very few. When it comes to payroll, the offer is almost zero.

That is what TMS and ZOLL & COMPANY want to change with their ePAYSLIP® portal and the corresponding mobile app for smartphones: printing, inserting and sending wage documents is a thing of the past. Today, innovative HR managers and the employees of such companies receive their payroll digitally on their smartphone. Of course not via e-mail, but in a securely and encrypted manner via a web portal.

It is hard to understand: 81 percent of all Germans use a smartphone. But at least as many companies print their payslips still on paper and fund the good old German “snailmail” by sending them out.

“We have started to replace this dinosaur in the HR departments with a smart, digital solution,” say Jürgen Schröder and Oliver Zoll. Both are selected experts on digitization in HR.

At the “Zukunft Personal Süd” trade fair on April 9 and 10, 2019 in Stuttgart, you will be able to experience the future of digital payroll accounting live at booth G50-33 in the Start-up Area: get your pay slip on your smartphone.

Digitizing HR processes – How to resolve a dilemma

Online study confirms digitization trend

According to a recent ARD / ZDF online study, more than 90 percent of Germans are online for the first time. There has also been a significant increase in the daily use of media and communication via the Internet. A pleasing development for Jürgen Schröder and Oliver Zoll: “The latest figures show that we recognized the trend at an early stage and launched our ePayslip digital billing portal at the right time.”

Digitalisation is on everyone’s lips and is increasingly influencing the HR sector of companies. “Many companies simply feel that their employees want to have access to their statements regardless of their location and time,” explain Jürgen Schröder and Oliver Zoll. Accordingly, many decision-makers are already intensively dealing with the digitization of their analogue processes and are looking for intelligent solutions. “With its smart portal and user-friendly usability, ePAYSLIP can score points with companies of all sizes,” the managing director concluded.

Here you can find more details about the study: ARD-ZDF online study 2018