Digitization hits dinosaurs – Get your payslip on your smartphone

According to a BitKom study from 2018, eight out of ten people in Germany use a smartphone at least every now and then. More specifically, these are impressive 81 percent of the population, or in absolute figures: 57 million smartphone users.

That does not come as a surprise. If you look around the streets, in inner cities, train stations, airports, schoolyards and bus stops in our country, you can see people everywhere who are either looking at their smartphones or have earphones in their ear, which of course are connected to the smartphone.

Many functions and services have made it to the number one device of digital transformation – from taxi booking to food ordering and navigation. We even leave the monitoring of our vital functions to our faithful companion in day and night.

And which smartphone services are available for the HR departments in Germany?

To bring it to the point: very few. When it comes to payroll, the offer is almost zero.

That is what TMS and ZOLL & COMPANY want to change with their ePAYSLIP® portal and the corresponding mobile app for smartphones: printing, inserting and sending wage documents is a thing of the past. Today, innovative HR managers and the employees of such companies receive their payroll digitally on their smartphone. Of course not via e-mail, but in a securely and encrypted manner via a web portal.

It is hard to understand: 81 percent of all Germans use a smartphone. But at least as many companies print their payslips still on paper and fund the good old German “snailmail” by sending them out.

“We have started to replace this dinosaur in the HR departments with a smart, digital solution,” say Jürgen Schröder and Oliver Zoll. Both are selected experts on digitization in HR.

At the “Zukunft Personal Süd” trade fair on April 9 and 10, 2019 in Stuttgart, you will be able to experience the future of digital payroll accounting live at booth G50-33 in the Start-up Area: get your pay slip on your smartphone.