Simplification of the offer structure with ePAYSLIP®

We work continuously for our customers on the further development of the proven ePAYSLIP services.
In this context, we also thought about optimizing the pricing structure and the service content of our services.
ePAYSLIP is unlike other, cloud-based document management services in the marketplace:
easier, more effective, cheaper, faster and more reliable.
In order for these features to be better reflected in the future ePAYSLIP® offer structure, we have considered the following simplifications:
From now on all documents around the topic “digital personal file” are an integral part of the ePAYSLIP service and are no longer offered as a separate additional package. The same applies to the areas “documents from time management systems” or “general employee information” as well as all other document types.
Our proven ePAYSLIP basic packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) now contain three types of documents. As a rule, these are the salary statement, the social security certificate and the employment tax statement.
In the future, customers will be able to easily book any additional document type they require for just € 0.05 / month – regardless of which department. There are no predefined packages anymore. You only use and pay for what you actually need. Simple, transparent and cost-effective.
There are also attractive package prices for using multiple additional document types (e.g., 5 or 10).
We believe we can add value to our customers and further optimize the cost and benefits of our offering.
Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.