ePAYSLIP® successfully enters the healthcare market

The health industry is a growth driver for economic development in Germany. The key economic indicators of this economic sector show above-average growth rates compared to the overall economy. Thus, the healthcare industry is a growth market and a job engine.

The German health industry generated more than 12 percent of gross domestic product in 2018. This corresponds to about every eighth of the German gross domestic product. At the same time, she is an employer for around 7.6 million people in Germany.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome one of the largest Christian bearers and operators of social facilities and hospitals in Germany as a new customer of ePAYSLIP®. In the future, around 14,000 employees from hospitals, nursing homes, child and youth welfare institutions, hospices and educational institutions will receive their salary documents via the ePAYSLIP portal.

Thus, the ePAYSLIP® cloud service is now also successfully established in the market of the healthcare industry and contributes significantly to the digitization of processes in this market.